Crystalline Waterproofing

Professional Concrete Waterproofing Applications.

Crystalline waterproofing (Sometimes also referred to as Penetrating Concrete Sealer) is a new technology that involves crystal development to help achieve watertight concrete structures. Concrete is one of the most common building materials. However, if not waterproofed, it is susceptible to cracks, waterborne and chemical contamination. Thus, causing deterioration in the concrete structure.

How is Crystalline Waterproofing Applied?

Crystalline waterproofing can be applied either as a coating or a dry-shake application to a new structure. If you want to protect your concrete and ensure it has a long, serviceable life, waterproofing is essential. The dry concrete waterproofing option can’t be installed on existing builds but the already mixed coating can. Thus, trying to apply the dry mix on top of the old concrete will not be effective.

How Does It Work?

The crystals that form in the concrete are block water from any direction because the concrete itself becomes the water barrier. Penetrating concrete sealer contains chemicals that stay dormant in the concrete. More crystals grow when a crack forms or there is an influx of water. Thus, re-blocking and sealing the passage against water and waterborne contaminants. Brilliant right!

Crystalline Waterproofing Application:

We have used this application on the following areas:

  • Water reservoirs and channels.
    Retaining walls and basements.
    New and existing concrete decks and slabs on balconies, flat roofs, walkways and floors.
    Parking garages, tunnels, vaults, subways and pipelines.
    Water treatment plants and sewage installations.

Crystalline Waterproofing

Whether we are waterproofing a new or old structure, concrete waterproofing and concrete sealing treatments allow us to reliably and cost-effectively turn concrete into a waterproof barrier. To find our more about concrete waterproofing, check out our blog by clicking here.  Alternatively, you can contact our highly trained concrete waterproofing team  for a free inspection and quotation.