Tiled Roof Repairs

Professional Tile Roof Repair Services.

Tiled roof repairs is a skilled trade and is not a DIY project. Especially if you are someone who does not spend a lot of time on roofs.

Tiled roofs can last up to 50 years if cared for and properly maintained. The longevity of a tiled roof exceeds any other roof type. But, like we said, they need to be looked after and maintained PROPERLY. Although they are one of the more long lasting roof systems, they are incredible heavy which can put pressure on your building structure if not designed by a professional.


Tiled Roof Repairs

We understand that your home is most probably your most important asset. Which is why it is vitally important that you look after it the best way possible. By employing our professional roof repairs team, you receive 5 star quality roofing solutions at an affordable price.

We also have the advanced equipment, safety systems and procedures to take on tiled roof repairs on commercial buildings. With clients and employees constantly moving in and out of your office, safety precautions need to be a number one priority. Our tiled roof repairs team are trained in fall arrest and fall restraint. Additionally, safety files and regular safety meetings are conducted to ensure a safe working environment at all times. We have been at the forefront of tiled roof repairs since 1992. Therefore it is a no brainer that we are experts in the industry.

Signs Of A Leaking Tiled Roof:

  • Water Stain Ceilings.
  • Dripping Or Running Water Down Walls.
  • Wet Carpet Or Furniture.
  • Ceiling discolouration.
  • Mould Growth On Ceiling.
  • Blocked Gutters (This leads to water overflow and water seepage under the first row of roof tiles.)

Our Roof Repairs Services Include:

  • Replacing Broken Tiles.
  • Repair Or Replacement Of Valley Flashings.
  • Roof Ridge Waterproofing.
  • Waterproofing Of Flashings And Parapets.
  • Fascia And Barge Board Replacement.
  • Replacing Plastic Underlay.
  • Repair Or Replace Sagging Roofs Or Ceilings.
  • Replace Rotten Timber.
  • Full Roof Refurbishments.

The teams at Design Waterproofing Systems have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with tiled roof issues. Get in contact with our repairs team for your water ingress problems today!