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Expert Roof Ventilation In Johannesburg.

Buildings that do not have roof ventilation have poor air quality as moisture and heat become trapped in the roof space with nowhere to escape. This causes an array of further problems both for the occupant’s health as well as all equipment stored in the interior of the building.

Why Is Roof Ventilation Important?

The biggest and most important factor of roof ventilation is occupant health, safety and productivity. Whether it is a nursery school, an industrial warehouse or your home. Poor roof ventilation has in the past resulted in severely ill children, workers and clients. Those who suffer with allergies are not able to work in poor ventilated environments. These type of incidents have not only cost businesses their reputation, but have also cost them millions in law suits, loss of customers and loss in productivity.

Our roof ventilation services will protect your company or home from such instances. Thus, resulting in a happy, healthy and productive environment.

We offer the following ventilation services:

– Metal Roof Ventilator Installation.
– Metal Roof Ventilator Repairs.
– Tiled Roof Ventilator Installation.
– Tiled Roof Ventilator Repairs.
– Whirlybird Installation.
– Whirlybird Repairs.
– Extractor Installation & Repairs.

Roof Ventilation

Benefits Of Proper Roof Ventiliation

Firstly, having proper ventilation will substantially cut your heating and cooling costs. Secondly, your productivity rate will increase due to employees feeling less fatigued and heat stressed. Thirdly, roof ventilation is it will reduce the damaging effects caused by extreme cold or extreme heat within your office or home.

Why Work With Ventilator Professionals?

Working with ventilation professionals is a must. With over 27 years of experience and a firm passion for customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your vent installation and repairs. We have cost effective, tailor-made solutions that will assist with your air quality and avoid black mould growth. This will also increase your employee productivity and decrease the risk of respiratory infection.

Roof vents or turbines require no maintenance and can be colour coated. Our roof ventilators do come with a damper so cold air does not seep through into the interior of the building in winter.

Call our ventilator professionals today for your no obligation free quotation and inspection.