Roof Safety Cables Installation

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We supply a range of height safety systems to suit your specific requirements. Our roof safety cables systems are designed to offer flexibility whilst still eliminating safety risk.

Benefits Of Roof Safety Cables Installation:

  • Anchor design variety to suit your structure requirements.
  • Ability to navigate corners and other obstacles.
  • Discreet and unobtrusive.
  • Simple attachments to be able to offer hands free movement.
  • Available for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Roof Safety Cables

We Also Offer The Following Safety Systems:

  • Handrails & Guardrail Installation.
  • Cat Ladder Installation – Custom designed and can have a lockable option to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Access Ladder Installation.
  • Monitor Ladder Installation.
  • Roof Walkway Platforms.
  • Safety Training.
  • Permanent Lifeline Systems.
  • Temporary Lifeline Systems.
  • Fall Arrest Systems.
  • Fall Restraint Systems.
  • Gantries – To ensure safe loading and off-loading of trucks.
  • Rope Access Safety Anchors – Installed onto new and existing buildings.
  • Tiled Roof Anchor Systems – Easy to install device to keep workers safe on tiled roofs. Thus, suitable for residential, commercial and complex buildings.
  • Fall Protection Plans.
  • Annual Testing And Maintenance Of Life Lines And Anchors By A Certified Mechanical Engineer.

Our lifeline and anchor systems substantially reduce safety risks and offer convenience and ease of access to roofs and other structures. Do not take the risk of not having roof safety cables installed. All our systems are quality designed and come with certified safety certificates. Contact us today for a free inspection and quotation.