Waterproofing Services

The most popular and best value for money waterproofing product used is the 4mm thick bitumen torch on waterproofing system which is very versatile and used for a wide variety of applications. This system is installed under a 10 year guarantee and has a 20-30 life expectancy.

Other systems such as liquid bitumen, acrylic, polyurethane, cementitious, TPO and PVC systems are also used depending on site conditions and client requirements. Types of areas and surfaces which can be treated include: Flat concrete roofs, metal roofs, wooden roofs, balcony decks, walls, floors, basement interior and exterior, planters, box gutters, parking decks, roof gardens, flashings, parapets, cills, corbels, showers, retaining walls, plant rooms, reservoirs, fish ponds, water features and plant rooms.


Damp Proofing

There are various types of damp found in buildings. The most common being rising damp. The only way to effectively treat rising damp is to remove the contaminated plaster. Then, install a chemical damp proof course and re-plaster using a waterproof salt retardant plaster render system. Our highly trained plastering crew are able to blend the new plaster very closely with the existing finishes. Workmanship and materials are guaranteed for 5-10 years depending on customer requirements. Treatment can be carried out to interior and exterior walls. We are also experts in mould treatment, which if left untreated can cause serious health issues.

Tiled Roof Repairs

Our roof repair services include:
– replacing of broken tiles
– repair or replacement of valley flashings
– ridge tile sealing
– waterproofing of flashings and parapets

Other services offered extend to the replacement of fascias and barge boards, repair or replace of under tile roofing underlay and repair of sagging roofs and rotten timber.


Metal Roof Repairs

We offer the full range of treatment for metal roofs. The company is able to repair all types of roofs, including corrugated, IBR, kliplok as well as other profiles which are redundant and no longer available. Services include tracing and repair of leaks, rust proofing, roof painting, complete or partial roof replacement, permanent hole repair, screw replacement or sealing, flashing and ridge capping repair or replacement, polycarbonate sheet replacement and butyl tape sealing of overlaps.



Painting is undertaken to residential, industrial and commercial properties across Gauteng. Cracks and surfaces are expertly filled and prepared, prior to top quality paint coatings being applied to completely face lift your property. Our painting services include waterproofing tops of walls and sills to prolong the life of the new paint coating. Damp areas are also treated. Painting is also undertaken to woodwork, fencing, metal work and window frames. We assist our client’s with colour choices. Painting of interior walls, ceiling, doors, skirtings, window frames, Painting of exterior walls, soffits, woodwork, metal work, Spray painting of tiled and metal roofs, coating of floors.

Roof Painting

We are experts in refurbishment and coating to all types of metal and tiled roofs. Treatment to tiled roofs includes repair, waterjet cleaning and spray painting in a variety of attractive colours using top quality acrylic roof coatings.

Metal roofs are repaired, waterjet cleaned and rust treated. A variety of different coatings can be used including acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, aluminium and cool roof coatings depending on roof condition and customer requirements. Long term guarantee options up to 15 years are available depending on coating selection.


Balcony Deck Waterproofing

Balcony WaterproofingWe offer a one stop service for the waterproofing and treatment of balcony decks. The full service offering includes hacking up of tiles and screeds and cart rubble off site. Areas are screeded to the correct slopes and levels. A suitable waterproofing system is applied and new tiles are laid over the new membrane. Surrounding areas are repainted to leave treated areas to look completely face lifted and water tight. Ancillary services include door repair or replacement, balustrade removal and reinstatement, parapet wall construction and outlet pipe installation.


Roof Safety Cables Installation

Design Waterproofing Systems are able to ensure the safety of maintenance staff and contractors when roof inspection or repairs are bring undertaken, by installing a permanent safety line system on your roof. The systems are compliant with relevant standards and reasonably priced. Other services include installation of temporary life lines, cat ladders, anchor points for rope access and annual inspection and issue of compliance certificates.




Domestic Gutter Installation

We are able to supply and fit the full range of gutters for home owners. The most popular being the colourbond seamless gutters available in a standard domestic size (100 x 125mm) or the slightly larger industrial size (125 x 150mm) in the “Ogee” style profile. Downpipes either metal or PVC are also supplied and fitted. The gutters are usually rolled on site to the required lengths and the only joints are at the corners which are sealed using a high quality silicone. A range of 15 attractive colours are available.


Industrial Gutter Installation

Design Waterproofing Systems are specialists in the supply and fitting of externally mounted metal gutters, manufactured of either galvanised or colourbond and available in a range of different thicknesses to suit. These gutters are designed by our technical team to ensure correct size for proper control and flow of water on industrial and commercial buildings. Downpipes, hopper boxes and launder pipes are also designed and expertly installed. Other related services include relining or replacing of industrial box gutters.




Industrial Box Gutter Lining and Replacement

A variety of different systems are used for relining leaking and corroded industrial box gutters. Products used include bitumen, polyurethane, polyurea and PVC coating and lining systems. When gutters are too badly rusted to be repaired, then they are removed and replaced with a 2mm thick galvanised custom made metal gutter.





Rope Access Services

Design Waterproofing Systems have the necessary skills to undertake work on buildings or structures which may require access by rope. This method is safer, more cost effective and less invasive than using conventional scaffold. Services include building survey and inspection, concrete repair, joint sealing, waterproofing and painting.





Crystalline Waterproofing

Design Waterproofing Systems offers the full spectrum of services relating to crystalline waterproofing. We are approved applicators of Xypex, Aquafin, Vandex and Penetron. Typical applications includes surface applied slurries, concrete admixtures, swellable water-stops for joints, stopping of running water to underground structures and decks and full site and monitoring service for main building contractors.





Vent Installation

We are installers of wind driven turbine ventilation for climate control as well as smoke extraction and fire control ventilation units. Our technical team will assess the building size and needs of client to determine size and amount of units required.