Damp Proofing

We Are Specialists In The Treatment Of Damp Related Issues. 

Put simply, damp proofing is a type of moisture control that is applied and installed into the foundation, walls and floors to prevent moisture from passing through. It is the treatment of a surface or structure that is designed to withstand the passing of water in the absence of hydrostatic pressure.

There are 2 main types of damp; rising damp and lateral damp. Each damp type is treated using different damp proofing methods.

Why Is Damp Proofing Important?

Damp Proofing solutions are a vital aspect of any building, new or old, big or small. Damp is one of the most common building defects experienced in society today. It is labelled as an ‘unnecessary’ expense. If damp occurs in your home or office, it can lead to detrimental damage in the structure’s performance. Thus, increasing the risk of building instability. It also leads to health risks, especially with those who have weaker immune systems or respiratory complications.

Our highly trained damp proofing team comprehensively inspect your building with the mission to treat the CAUSE of the damp instead of remedying the symptoms. Safety and on-site precautions for both the occupants and our employees are an important step in our damp proofing process as well. Thus, you can confidently put your trust in us to ensure you receive the best damp proofing solutions.

We are also proudly approved applicators of Aquagard Waterproofing Solutions, one of the most highly rated waterproofing and damp proofing brands on the market today. Therefore, enabling us to offer the most affordable, high quality damp proofing treatment on the market.

Rising Damp

Rising damp affects the floors and walls of buildings and occurs when moisture from the ground travels up through the walls and brickwork via capillary action. Rule of thumb, rising damp never reaches a height over 1.3m and normally appears at the base of the wall or the wall floor junction. Signs of rising damp include:

  • Rotten skirtings
  • Mould Growth
  • Bubbling And Loose Paint
  • Stained and Loose Wallpaper
  • Salt Stains

Rising Damp Signs

Rising Damp Treatment

First, the effected plaster is chopped until the brickwork is exposed. Then, holes are drilled at 110mm above floor level at regular intervals before Aquagard DPC (damp-proof course) cream is injected into each hole. The holes are sealed with DampBlock mortar mix. Our rising damp treatment comes with a guarantee of 5 years.

Lateral Damp

Lateral damp occurs when moisture successfully penetrates the outside of a building, causing the interior of the building to experience damp. Unlike rising damp, lateral damp can occur at any level including ceilings. Signs of lateral damp include:

  • Mouldy, Musty Smells
  • Condensation On Windows
  • Walls And Ceilings That Feel Cold Or Damp
  • Bubbling And Loose Paint
  • Stained Wallpaper
  • Mould Growth

Lateral Damp Signs

Lateral Damp Treatment

Lateral damp treatment is unique to every situation as there is no common denominator in what may be causing the damp. The following causes lateral damp:

  • Leaking Roof
  • Faulty Plumbing Pipe
  • Leaking Shower
  • Blocked Gutters or Down pipes
  • Contact our damp proofing team today to arrange a free inspection and quotation. Our lateral damp guarantees differ according to the cause of the damp.

Why Choose Us For Your Damp Solutions?

We have been at the forefront of damp proofing in Johannesburg since 1992. Thus, we have developed the expertise to solve all damp related issues in the residential, commercial and industrial sector. Our professionally trained damp proofing employees take on projects of all sizes. Get in touch with us today and let’s resolve your damp issues once and for all.