Balcony Waterproofing

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Balcony waterproofing is one of the trickiest areas to waterproof because most balconies have tiles or other systems installed on top of the waterproofing. Additionally, balconies (patios and terraces) are also high traffic pedestrian areas which can complicate systems further. It is absolutely essential to carry out the correct balcony waterproofing application prior to the installation of other finishes. (ie, tiling, astroturf etc). The waterproofing phase is a fraction of the cost compared to the finishes clients usually want installed. If the balcony waterproofing system is not properly installed, water seeps through the grout, adhesive, substrate and into the space below. Thus causing electrical problems, further structural damage, furniture damage and more. Surface preparation is absolutely essential for the success of the new balcony waterproofing system.

Balcony Leak Diagnosis

In order to accurately diagnose a leaking balcony, a professional balcony waterproofing company would need to complete a comprehensive on-site inspection. The only way to effectively treat a leaking tiled balcony is to chop up the tiles down to screed and commence the waterproofing system from there. There are over-tile waterproofing coatings that can be applied instead of chopping up the tiles. However, we do not recommend this application for a number of reasons. It is also possible to install our system over existing tiles, but only if the tiles and grout are in good condition and if the balcony leak is not severe.

Signs Your Balcony Is Leaking

Balcony leaks lead to detrimental damage to your building structure. You can catch balcony leaks as quickly as they appear if you act fast. Signs and symptoms of a balcony leaking include:

  1. Water marks on the ceiling below a balcony or terrace.
  2. Damp on upper wall / ceiling junction.
  3. Mould growth on the ceiling below the balcony.
  4. Water seeping through down lights.
  5. Mould growth on balcony or terrace.
  6. Blown light bulbs.
  7. Water stain marks down the side of walls below a balcony or terrace.

Balcony Waterproofing

Other Balcony Leak Factors To Consider

Down pipes and outlets can also be the cause to the symptoms listed above. A build-up of dirt and debris in interior down pipes could lead to water backing. This can cause water pressure in the pipe which leads to water seepage through the walls. It is important that an expert balcony waterproofing contractor conducts an assessment.

We offer a one stop service for the waterproofing and treatment of balcony decks. Our recommended treatment includes hacking up tiles and screeds and cart rubble off site. Areas are then screeded to correct slopes and levels. Thereafter, a quality waterproofing system is installed and new tiles are laid over the new membrane. Surrounding areas are repainted to leave the area looking face lifted and water tight. Ancillary services include door repair or replacement, balustrade removal and reinstatement, parapet wall construction and outlet pipe installation.

How Much Does Balcony Waterproofing Cost?

There are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration when pricing new balcony waterproofing. How severe is the balcony leak? What is the surface type? Is the overall structure of the balcony in good condition or does an architect need to be hired? In what area does the client reside? etc.

A new waterproofing system can cost anything between R750 per sqm – R1,300 per sqm. This is of course a very broad estimate. If you would like a more accurate rate, please Call us today for a free comprehensive inspection and quotation.

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