Residential Painting

Delivering Quality Painting Workmanship Every time. 

Residential painting helps protect your home from the typical South African weather we face on a daily basis. Element damage caused by rain, sun, hail and wind can take a serious toll on your homes appearance and condition. Neglecting your property investment can lead to high repair and maintenance costs. Which, obviously can be avoided when employing professional house painting contractors.

Additionally, a good paint job adds character and personality to the exterior of your home, adding to its value. At Design Waterproofing Systems, we offer a wide range of durable residential painting products. We have the special ability to bring your dream painting vision to life with cost-effective, superior painting services. Thus you can count on us for all your painting requirements!

Our Residential Painting Services include:

  • – Exterior And Interior Wall Painting.
  • – Townhouse And Complex Painting.
  • – Roof Painting and Roof Coatings (see our roof painting page)
  • – Ceiling Painting.
  • – Floor Coatings.

Our Painting Approach

First, a free on-site inspection is scheduled to assess the areas that need painting or extra treatment. We do offer further treatments such as crack repair, damp proofing, downpipe leaks and other problems that may occur in your walls.

Thereafter, you receive a quotation by one of our friendly representatives. If you are happy with the scope of work and price, we ask for a 50% deposit and arrange a suitable date to commence the workmanship. We do offer spray painting instead of brush painting which guarantees an even layer of paint every time and it halves the the project duration as well. Additionally, we use quality airless spray machines which ensures no paint wastage.

Our residential painting process begins with cleaning down all walls or roof with our high pressure cleaner. If you have loose and flaking paint, we use hard wire brushes to remove all the loose paint and stubborn dirt before high pressure cleaning.

House Painting

Contact our professional painting team for your painting projects in Johannesburg. We offer excellent customer care and workmanship.