Metal Roof Repairs

Roof Repair Specialist At Your Service.

Metal roofs are a common option for both new builds and old aged roofs that need to be replaced. They are cheaper than most roofing systems and the repairs are more straight forward than repairs on other roofing systems as well. A metal roof system can last well over 50 years. We have worked on metal roofs over 100 years old with no serious repairs needed other than a fresh coat of paint and a few new roofing screws. Zinc and Copper roofs last well over 100 years. This system is also a lot quicker to install and carries a lot less weight than other roofing systems. Thus, there is less tension on the building structure.

We offer the full range of treatment for metal roof repairs. Our company is able to repair all types of metal roofs including corrugated, IBR, kliplok as well as other profiles which are redundant and no longer available.

Metal Roof Repairs

Metal Roof Repairs Services Include:

– Tracing And Repair Of Leaks.
– Rust Proofing.
– Roof Painting.
– Complete Or Partial Roof Replacement.
– Permanent Hole Repair.
– Screw Replacement Or Sealing.
– Flashing And Ridge Capping Repair Or Replacement.
– Polycarbonate Sheet Replacement.
– Butyl Tape Sealing Of Overlaps.

We have been in the metal roof industry since 1992. Thus, we are confident that we are capable of repairing any metal roof type. Big or small, old or new. Call us today for a free inspection and quotation.