Concrete Sealer

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Concrete sealers are used to protect concrete surfaces from stains, damage, leaks and corrosion. Since concrete is partially porous, it absorbs any moisture and other substances that spill onto it. Thus, resulting in severe water ingress, stains or structural damage. The product works by ‘blocking’ the pores in the concrete to prevent absorption and passing of fluid substances.

Importance Of Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealers don’t seem necessary to most. However, concrete exposed to weather conditions and high traffic areas will crack, stain and discolour. A quality sealer will prevent the following:

  1. Oil stains.
  2. Tire Or Other Vehicle Marks.
  3. Discolouration.
  4. Water damage and water ingress.
  5. Mould Growth.

A quality sealer should be UV resistant, slip resistant and be breathable. Thus, the concrete is still able to expand and contract without cracking. Read more about the importance of concrete waterproofing in our blog section. 

Concrete Sealer

Concrete Sealer Types

There are different concrete sealing products for different areas and different purposes. Therefore, a concrete sealer for outdoors needs to be more durable and tough than a concrete sealer for indoor residential floors or food counter tops.

A sealing application for floors will prolong the life of the floor, prevent moisture absorption and stains and preserve the concrete’s appearance.

A quality concrete sealer for food counter tops needs to be safe from absorption, colourless and heat and scratch resistant.

Sealing applications restore old concrete as well. Thus, creating a fresh and new appearance again.

Product Appearances

Concrete sealing products come in different colours and odours, depending on the product and what its primary application is. In brief, many factory floor sealers are grey in colour whilst outdoor patio sealers are clear (colourless). Thus, adding to its aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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